The Tree House Dream

What child hasn’t stood before a great oak or sycamore tree and thought, “I wonder if you could build a tree house up there?”

Rustic looking tree house

Traditional rustic style Tree House

If we’re honest with ourselves, there are probably quite a few adults that often dream of having their own tree house too.

You can easily scour the internet and find pictures of amazing tree houses and even detailed tree house plans if you need a little design help.  You can find everything from the simple tree house designs to pirate ship playhouses.

But it’s also nice to design a tree house, alongside your miniature companions, and complete the project yourself. All you need to start yourself off is a little inspiration.


Garden Office

Having a home office is usually on most prospective home buyers list of needs as they hunt for there perfect home.  But then there are those that, when they’re house shopping, look instead at the back garden and see if they can picture an outside building specially designed to be a garden home office.

Garden office built using wood, glass and metal

Wooden and glass modern garden office

You can imagine how much more enjoyable it would be typing away on finance reports when just out your window you can watch a sparrow nest or listen to the gentle breeze on a summer day.

This website is going to explore the different type of buildings that can be built up in a tree or free-standing within your own garden. Whether this is a children’s Tree House, private snug or art studio, the opportunities are endless. With so much variety I’m going to delve into the different styles and construction methods that are available. These choices can then be considered in helping you to create the perfect room.

Remember, at the end of the day, you are only limited by your own imagination!